Today was cloudy and ugly.   When it is cloudy I just want the rain to fall.  But instead it was ugly and HUMID!  I have had a enough of that.  Also kind of edgy today so that does not help.  One hour at the gym was a lot of help but being a girl stinks sometimes.  Micky_dance_2006Enough of that girly-griping.  Also, need to add that this eye infection is not letting up either.  I better make another doctor visit.  I hope they refer me to an eye doctor.

I did pick up Micky’s dance pictures today and they are so cute. Maybe all that driving around and those expenses were worth it for these pictures. 

Tomorrow is my spa day.  The clouds are bumming me out however I think that facial and massage may fade those clouds away.  I cannot wait.  Susan and I have our magazines and books ready to go.  A whole day of pampering with no kids.  This is a dream come true. 

I am off to attack my scrapbook table and see if I can get creative.