I firmly believe that what you put out you get back and sometimes you have to put it all out there to get it all back.  I happen to let things all hang out and strangely things manage to come true.  How about being "Queen for the Day" for your birthday?  I was joking with the mom’s at baseball about being the queen on my birthday and since I was not at baseball that day they crowned me with a tiara for tonight’s baseball game.  I have to say that although I joked about the tiara there was quite a nice feeling from wearing it.  I really should have been some sort of "princess" when I was younger but second best is being crowned at a little league baseball game.  It was particularly fun to serve pizza to everyone wearing the crown.  Thanks Tress! 
Dsc_2075a Dsc_2163a
Dsc_2181a Obviously the head coach did not get the memo that I was queen for the day and he kept putting those ice cold sodas on my leg!  He is like a pesky little brother!

Speaking of baseball……us Mom’s joked with the coaches about how easy coaching was and we do the tough work being in the dugout and having to deal with the kids.  Well, in joking I suggested that us mom’s get a chance to coach the game.  Well, be careful what you wish for because May 31st we will have total control of the game.  I will be writing the line-up, the positions for each inning and making sure the female coaching "staff" coaches our kiddos to a big win.  Those guys looked a bit nervous when we all jumped on the chance.  Those coaches think their "perfect" record may be in jeopardy but us women have confidence.  The guys were particular interested in our game plan when I mentioned team shirts, black skirts and stiletto heels.  We may just win this game by diverting the attention of the other team.  Hey, GIRL POWER, we can do this.  I particularly liked the look of all those 5-7 years olds who found out us moms are coaching and the guys are handling dugout duty.  We can so do this.B1

One more big wish may just come true………….next week (Tuesday to be exact)  I am looking forward to crossing off a big item on my Life List.  I will be accompanying a friend on a hot air balloon ride over the Pacific Ocean out of Del Mar, CA.  She and her husband received the gift for their anniversary and her husband has "no interest in plummeting to the earth" as he so dearly put it.  I am very excited.  This is a long-time wish come true.  And my philosophy on the whole plummeting deal is, if it was my time I went out swinging (or flying in this case).

So up-date those life lists and put it all out there……….those things will come back to you.  I will close this post with some words that a very wise friend of mine sent to a group of us………..

I keep getting the message strong and clear that it is OUR own responsibility for our happiness.  We can choose to be  happy or we can depend on others to make us happy (and we already feel the wounded heart waiting for that).  When we choose to be happy and expect nothing for our sacrifices then we are happy.  ~ Gigi