So, I was reminded of Mother Rule #107, "Watch what comes out of your mouthWrangler_logo_3  because it may be repeated by little ones."  Yesterday morning Michaela woke up and had breakfast with her dad (their usual early morning routine) and Michaela says "Cowboy butts are yummy"………..hmmm…..I wonder who said that?  Thank Michaela for calling me out!  I might have made the comment that Wrangers are God’s gift to women and  come to think of it, that may have come out too.  What is she trying to do to me?  I can just imagine the look on Pete’s face.  Needless to say I had to sit her down and remind her that her Mother is a complete idot and she is not allowed to repeat anything that comes out of my mouth. 

I am not going back to find my Mothering Handbook to review Rules 1-1050!  I now officially am no longer running for "Mother of the Year".  I am pulling my own nomination.