it is no secret I love music and all types (except anything with a banjo or accordion)….and I am a Michigan girl.  So this guy as disgusting as he looks is a Michigan boy.  Any guesses?  Long greasy hair?  Sounds attractive, huh?  All my Michigan ‘peeps are yelling KID ROCK.  Yep, gotta admit I love the guy and his music and his new song, I just love it.  Hey, it is about two things, 1989 and Northern Michigan (which I will be spending a month there this summer!). 

So for those who do not prefer girls in short shorts, men with long greasy hair and risky lyrics that don’t hit play because you will only have a different view of me but for those who love summer, water, boats and short shorts get ready to love this song………….

So now you know a lot about me, I want to know more about you and I am prepared to bribe you.  Yep, I am flat out bribing you to leave a comment here (sorry emails do not count on this one).  I just love the comments & emails I get daily from people all over who visit my humble blog abode.  So I invite you to leave a comment introducing yourself, where you are from and any other comment/complaint you have.  Consider this your very own ‘Comment/Complaint’ box.  Maybe you want me to stop posting videos of girls in short shorts (hey, I warned you not to hit play) or you want me to post more projects…..go ahead comment away.  I will read every comment and will file it in my circular file, JUST KIDDING.  And, if you have a website then include a link so I can visit. 

The bribe…………how about a $10 iTunes card so you can buy this very song and listen to it and think of me (not in my short shorts please).  I will use Random Integer to randomly select our winner.  Game over on Thursday, June 6th 9:00 pm (PST).

Legal Disclaimer:  Friends, family, and enemies of Tracy Weinzapfel Burgos are eligible to win.  Void where prohibited (I have no idea what that means but sounds good).  Some assembly required.  Drink responsibly.  Do not operate iPod while operating a vehicle.  Batteries not included.  Must be of sound mind, body, and spirit to win (well that excludes many of you so forget that one).  OK, I think that covers me legally.