I have made a few promises to myself…

  • drink 64 oz. of water per day
  • eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner to encourage healthy eating
  • art journal and make some quiet time for me.

This Sunday morning I took that time to just be still and create in my small journal….

This time is for me and even if it is for half an hour it is some quiet time for me to just start my day.  I have been so inspired of late that my head is filled with ideas.  I have loved this week catching up on all the pages you guys are sharing and I want to make sure to fit in as many as I can right here:

Angie Reece:

creative 1 copy

Tanya Phenis:


Paula Munroe:

June Dare

Andy Watson:


Sandee Setliff:

Life is art

Scrapmanufaktur (please let me know your real name!)

let it go


Teri Barefoot:

Listen to your heart

Love this page from Carole Moore's 6 year old grandson:
"This is my 6 1/2 yr old grandson's work. It's his interpretation of my first canvas shared the other day. He did most of this himself including choosing the colors and the word. All I did was outline the petals and write the word (because he insisted that it wouldn't look good printed. It had to be in cursive!  I gave him his very own art journal today. I've never seen him happier – he may be happier later today when his baby sister is born though!….and you started our inspiration for these pieces Tracy Weinzapfel Burgos!"



So many more to see and share…click HERE to see and share your own artwork!



I hope that everyone found that Still time to do something for yourself….See you Monday night LIVE!


"In order to be creative, we must lose our fear of being wrong."