Have you ever used die cuts in your artwork? There’s so much magic that can happen with these tools! I’ll be demonstrating how to use my stamp sets with die cuts to create flowers and phrases that you can then glue into your art journal pages. The process is simple and fun, and turns out beautifully!

stamps and watercolor art journal page

I am grabbing a 6×9 piece of watercolor paper and misting it with water. Then, I’m just mixing colors and using lots of purple and pink. Let dry or dry with a heat gun. Take some Archival Black ink and your stamp set, and just stamp them throughout your paper. 

adding stamps and preparing to die cut

Follow the instructions for your die-cut machine! I normally place my die-cut piece on top of my paper and sandwich that between the two pieces of plastic, and just run in through the machine. Cut out however many you would like! I have several different pieces with different colors that I’ll be adding to my artwork.

Tape off the edges of your art journal page with painter’s tape, and let’s get started adding these!

adding die cut art pieces to journal page

Spray your page with water. For the background, I am adding a light green to the bottom of my page and blue to the top of my page. Let dry or dry with a heat gun. 

Now, we’ll add our die cut pieces! I am just adding some black ink to the edges of my flowers and adding some additional details with my black pen and white paint pen. I also have some words that say “Be Strong” and some die cut leaves that I’ll be adding to the page as well. Glue everything down.

Finally, I’ll paint some green stems coming from each flower and some blades of grass in my green section. 

Remove the painter’s tape and you’re done!

stamp, watercolor, and die cut artwork


Watch the replay below!


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