It is summer in San Diego.  Did you hear that Mother Nature?  It is Summer in San Diego.  That means sun and heat at the beach.  What is going on!  There was a 30 degree difference from our house at 99 degrees to the coast which was 69 and cloudy.  I was so cold!  The sun only peaked through the marine layer for one brief moment.  OK, no more complaining about that.  I bet there are those along the Mississippi River who are wondering where their sun is too.
Dsc_6105_2 This section reserved for Moms Only 
Dsc_6115 Freezing my bikini off!

I do want to apologize to those seagulls who had to hear me ream my children out when it was time to go.  It is funny how three kids have six arms when you are going to the beach who can carry their boogie boards and their sand toys.  Then when you go to leave they miraculously lose their limbs.  They look at you blindly like all of a sudden you grew their six arms and can carry everything.  So ranting mom kicks in.

I also have an invention and I think it will make lives simpler for moms everywhere.  JoJo cannot keep two flip flops through an entire summer.  There is a random flip flop stealer at every beach we go to.  I am not sure if some random pelican is stalking him and has a stash of his flops but I thought of a much needed invention.  I think someone should make a tether system (similar to the strap on a surf board) that keeps your flops tethered to your ankles.  There is nothing more that gets me when JoJo looks at me with those big blue eyes and has one flop in his hand.

The lack of sun kept me out of the Pacific Ocean but not the kids.  They were in and boogie boarding until they were shivering. 
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For those who feel sorry for the little boy with the big blue eyes (Grandma I am talking to you), the lost flip flop has been found and was safely transported back home.  JoJo lives to see another day.