Oh I am so proud of Tyler!  He gave his Student Council speech yesterday and I was so proud of him!  He even incorporated me in his speech!  Now keep in mind when it comes to public speaking I hate it.  I always have a few physical side effects that take over: sweating, the need to pee my pants and my hair lights on fire.  Yep, I get burning follicles like Michael Jackson in the Pepsi commercial.  So to have an off-spring that will get up there and deliver a speech I am so proud and envious.  Now he did confide in me that his knees were knocking and he was trying to keep them from shaking but he looked calm as can be!  I was so impressed.  He left the crowd laughing and made me so proud.
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Here is his speech:

Introduction – Calls Me Up  (Clapping)

All right, all right.  I only have three minutes here to fit in a 20 minute speech.  I am here to tell you that I am running for President of the United States of America………….Wait, there are already 2 people running for that job and I cannot afford those expensive TV commercials, with my measly allowance.  Just look for my name on that Presidential ballot in 2032. 

Instead, I am running for Vice President of our School. My name is Tyler and I want to be YOUR (point) Vice President.   What makes me qualified for this prestigious position?  I have past experience as Miss Evans 5th grade class representative.  I keep up my grades and ALWAYS do my homework.  And let’s face it, I am an all around good guy (just ask my mom). 

(Mom Yells “That’s my boy)

But what will I do for YOU (point) as your Vice President.  I will strengthen our recycling program.  I will work for more spirit days and I will aid the President in his executive responsibilities. 

So please make the right choice and Vote for ME (point), Tyler “The Smiler” for YOUR (point) Vice President!

So proud of him.  Did I already say that?  Voting was today and he finds out the results on Thursday. 

The funny thing is I have to stand at that same podium on Thursday night and speak at our PTA meeting.  I can already feel my bladder tingling and my hair follicles are heating up!  I may ask Tyler to deliver my speech.