Where do I begin to catch up…..it was a nice weekend, busy as always.  My friend Melissa came down for a visit on Saturday.  As usual she came with bags of clothes for Micky.  I now call her my personal shopper.  She has saved me years of shopping (which everyone knows how much I love that).  If it was not for her and my mom, Micky would not look so girly.  I thank heavens for good friends like her.

Saturday night we were invited to a poker party for our friend’s 40th birthday.  Pete has recently taught me the basics of poker so I really wanted to test out my skills (gotta love that ESPN coverage).  I sat at a table with 6 guys.  Everyone joked that I was the only one at the table with hair and boobs.  I think those guys were glad to have me because they anticipated taking my money early.  But I was not going down without a fight.  We played from 8 pm to 1 am.  I was so tired I was seeing double (and yes I had lots of pairs so ha!)  I showed those boys.  Beginners luck must have kicked in because one by one they started to drop and soon it was little ole’ me and my chips at the table.  It was so fun!  Those boys could not believe it.  So I was to take on the winner of the other table but him and I agreed to split the pot.  I walked away with $150.  Not bad at all.  At one point in the night I looked down and Joey was sleeping under my chair.  I think you know you have a gambling problem when your kids camp out under your seat.  The night could not have been more fun.  I just hope I did not use up that beginners luck because we head to Michigan next week and rumor has it that is the game of choice in the family.

On a creative note I was able to work on a few layouts for Design Team Deadlines:36th_birthdayDouble_trouble_6Christmas_carols_1