HelmarBesides cleaning things off the floor to get ready for Saturday (my B-Day gig) I am busy gluing cute little Thank you Gifts.  I will share them this weekend because I am excited how they turned out.  May is one of my favorite months.  I love the weather, National Scrapbook Day, my birthday and Mother’s day all wrapped up into one month.  And, I am being invited to a Mother’s Day Tea at the twin’s preschool.  Get this, I have to wear what they specify.  Needless to say this outfit will be worth taking a picture of.

Ready Set Create emailed me for my Michaela Keepsake Box for their June/July issue.  Woo Hoo!

Helmar came out with their May Newsletter that features one of my projects.  April came to a close and I have to say creatively it was a productive month.  I feel the rush for CHA Summer is approaching so I am gearing up for that.  I will be traveling in July to attend that and as always I am excited. 

So let May begin!  I am ready for my favorite month!