This past week I took the time to sit down and do what I love the best……Create!  Part of working with a great glue company is having an unending supply of glue but unfortunately not an un-ending amount of time to just glue.  Another benefit is partnering with some of the best companies in the industry. 

I was asked again by Best Creations to create some projects for their booth at CHA.  They came out with their new lines and of course I was excited to play with them:


I created the following projects that will be on display at the Best Creations Booth #3181 at CHA. 

TWB_8186 copy  TWB_8188 copy

TWB_8190 copy  TWB_8192 copy

TWB_8195 copy  TWB_8197 copy

TWB_8200 copy  TWB_8202 copy

TWB_8212 copy  TWB_8214 copy

TWB_8215 copy  TWB_8217 copy

TWB_8242 copy  TWB_8246 copy

I have to say that as busy as I have been doing the administration side of my job, it felt so good to just sit own and glue.  Make sure to stop by and see me at the Helmar USA Booth #2880!