Today I had the pleasure of watching the twins playing at the park while Tyler was at basketball practice.  It was just the two of them and I saw how they truly interacted with one another.  When Joey needed a boost to climb Micky lent a heave-ho.  It was funny watching her push him by the rear with all her might.  It kind of reminded of the cartoon where they boost and are being stepped on everywhere.  They were laughing and pretend playing for a full hour.  How cool is it to have you best friend around when you need them.  I had to laugh when Joey ran over and wanted me to kiss his "hippo".  Come to find out that his "Hippo" = his hip! LOL

You are You                           

You are you, and I am me,
and that’s how it was meant to be.
Sometimes we play. Sometimes we fight.
Sometimes you’re wrong. Sometimes you’re right.
We hug, we read, we play our games.
Sometimes we do thing just the same.
But you are you, and I am me.
Sometimes we do things differently.
Sometimes you go. Sometimes I stay.
I miss you when you go away.
Sometimes we’re rough. Sometimes we’re mild.
Sometimes we like to drive mom wild.
But you are sweet, and I am kind,
and, more than not, we like to mind.
Cause you are you, and I am me,
and we are more than just a "WE."
You eat your peas. I turn away.
You like to steal things from my tray.
You like to swim. I like to run.
We like to pray when day is done.
We like to talk into the night
and stay awake without a light.
Cause you are you, and I am me,
and that’s how it was meant to be.

~Anita F. Bott

Gingerbread_kit Tomorrow we are going to tackle Gingerbread houses.  I bought some kits from Costco and am curious to see if they actually turn out like houses with three kids building each one.   Of course to me this is another opportunity to get some fun photos.  Seems like this time of year my camera gets a workout.

Mom and Dad hit the road tomorrow so we are saying "Safe Travel" prayers.  We are anxious around here.