For the past four or five years I have had the honor of photographing our entire elementary school's "Just Say No" photo.  It is a lot of fun that I have grown into it.  It makes me face many fears that I have had a lifetime and has given me the gift of facing those fears with an audience of 500+ elementary school kids. 

First off, although I can be outgoing in a small group of people I am petrified of:

  1. being in front of a crowd of people
  2. megaphones
  3. sharing my photography with others (let along a school)
  4. taking important photos because images of my compact flash card going up in flames plagues me.  Not easy to ask 500 kids to pose again.
  5. show 'n tell in front of elementary school kids (lots of bad memories there)
  6. acting like I know what I am doing and having 500+ pairs of eyes thinking I do
  7. heights (including ladders!)

Five years ago I did not sleep the night before.  I still have lots of anxiety but don't mind letting it all hang out for that morning. 

So time to face those fears and up the ladder (up on a truck no less!) I go with my camera, the megaphone and nerves of steel (or so I pretended).

(Thanks Mark for getting these photos! and thanks to Kelly for holding down that ladder and supporting me in so many ways!)

As the kids start to come in my heart starts beating and those PTA volunteers take over..

TWB_4720aThe PTA organizes the event, chooses the pattern, and does a great job rallying the kids.  I always say I have the best seat in the house and the easiest job. 

This year we created our logo, a mountain lion paw print.  It turned out great!  Can't share the photo here as I need permission to post it but will be taking it into school on Monday.

Great job PTA and kids!  It was fun and worth my knees shaking and my heart a pumpin'. 


You block your dream when you allow your fear to grow bigger than your faith.  ~Mary Manin Morrissey