I have so much to up-date that I don’t know where to begin…..OK, yes I do.  Pete got promoted today to Supervisor and we are so darn proud of him!  That is great news for him.  He has been a temporary Supervisor for the last three months and has known that a promotion could be possible but today we got the word and he officially accepted the new position.  It will mean going back to the bottom of the totem pole for days off and shift but we are behind him 100%.  We have done this before and we will do what it takes to make it work. 

As for the reminder of our week it has been a busy one!  It has been fun-filled and very special for us all.  It is 1:20 am and I just got done feeding Jaden and putting him back to bed.  The night shift is a great one for me.  Stay tuned for an up-date and pictures!  I think I took over 600 pictures!  Jaden is a ham and I loved every minute of it.  I also managed to get three pages done for him to take home for his scrapbook.  Our kids loved on Curt and Julie so I know we will have a hard time saying good-bye.  We hope to have them back soon.