You know you got it good when another mom in your daughter's class offers to make her birthday cupcakes.  Really, I am sick and you want to bake pink cupcakes for my girl?  She does make yummy homemade cupcakes and muffins and wanted to make girly cupcakes since she has two boys.  When she offered I thought about how I yearned to strap on that apron and bake to my hearts content.  For just a glimmering moment I thought about the flour, eggs, sugar, preheating the oven and the Martha Stewart hair style I would sport while the aroma of cupcakes waffled through the air.  Then I would ice them with love and add sprinkles and pixie dust.  Then I thought about the reality of it all……my hacking cough & congestion, the burning smell, the dried out taste and icing them to hide the burnt or undone areas.  Or better yet, my trip to the store to buy the store bought ones.  So that pixie dust dream lasted about 20 seconds and I snapped back to reality and hugged her.

TWB_6366a  TWB_6397a 

Funny thing is her name is Tracy so technically I still get credit for a "Tracy" baking these cupcakes.  I mean, I could have done this, right? 


Now for a split second I wanted to say "hey Tracy those kids came in a twin pack so can you bake up 24 more" but I used self-control.  Joey could care less where those cupcakes came from or what they were delivered in so store-bought it was. 

I when to his class to get photos of them celebrating his birthday only to be told he wanted to wrap up that whole birthday deal up first thing in the morning so I missed it.  So I dragged him to Micky's class for a birthday photo and you can see how thrilled he was for that.


Ok, so I may not be a baker but I am the only Mom they have.  I am very thankful for other talented moms and twins.