I posted this on Helmar USA's Blog today and wanted to share:

Hi everyone, Tracy Weinzapfel, President of Helmar USA, Inc here.  It is May 4th and 41 years ago I was born!  Yep, today is my birthday and since celebrating for one day is so much fun I like to celebrate all May!  So it is Tracy Month!  As much fun as it is to receive presents it is even better to GIVE presents and I am excited about this one! 

If you missed last night’s LIVE Helmar Ustream with me you missed a lot of fun but the good news is you catch the recorded version HERE

(Please ignore me saying that Tuesday was my birthday.  My wall clock said Tuesday versus Monday so I lost one whole day.  My Birthday is actually Wednesday)

I announced my birthday giveaway:

This includes the journal I created LIVE along with my favorite Helmar products to complete the journal. 

I also challenged everyone for May/June to create an Inspiration Journal and join me on another adventure.  The whole thing transpired on our video last night and I welcome everyone to join me.  Basically, create a journal of your choice and include your favorite quotes/inspirational affirmations, etc.  This is all about creativity and inspiration! 

As we discussed last night there are so many great resources for quotes.  You can check my personal blog where I end every post with a quote that inspires me.  You can check out Pinterest.  My Pinterest page is HERE and I have pinned lots of great quotes in anticipating of this project. Here is another favorite site of mine:  Quote Garden

I will be sharing my pages as I complete them on my blog. I welcome you to share your journals/pages with me.  You can email them to me at [email protected] and I will feature them on my personal blog www.tracywburgos.typepad.com and Helmar’s Blog www.helmarusa.typeapd.com!  Plus it is so darn inspiring to me.  So many of you joined me on my gratitude journey.  That was amazing!

You don’t have the supplies to make a journal?  Feel free to email me and I will “KIT” this journal just for you!  But you don’t need expensive supplies for this project.  Chipboard or cardboard for the covers will do just nicely!  So grab your favorite Helmar products, paints and embellishments so we can craft together.  And don’t be surprised if I issue a challenge or two to keep you motivated! 

So who is joining me? 

Back to my birthday giveaway……….what do you need to do to win:  Leave a comment below on this post or on Helmar’s Facebook PAGE:  http://www.facebook.com/HelmarUSA.  I will pick a random winner on Monday, May 9th and you will have not excuse not to join us in this challenge as you will have all the supplies to get started! 

Can you tell I am excited?? 

If you are looking to purchase Helmar products for this challenge you can find a list of Helmar Preferred Retailers (left side). So let’s get ready to R-U-M-B-L-E in May and celebrate!

Let the games begin…….

Tracy Weinzapfel
President, Helmar USA, Inc.