Wednesday was my 41st Birthday.  The day started with lots of emails, texts, phone calls and Facebook messages and they were pouring in.  It was surreal, the beautiful messages and special wishes for a great birthday.  Literally part way through the day I thought to myself who is this "Tracy" because she sure is one lucky girl!  It made me appreciate old friends, new friends, artists friends, childhood friends, best friends.  There are those friends near and dear and those aquantences who have crossed my path either virtually or physically.  So much positive energy and it makes you value that what you put out you get back tenfold.  My friend Lisa gave me my motto for the Year:  "Having Fun at 41!".

(I couldn't decide between my favorite German Chocolate or Red Velvet so it was both)


I also celebrated that I moved to California exactly 19 years ago on my birthday!  Wow, 19 years and I am such a different person.  So who is this 41 Year old Woman I look at in the mirror every day with a new wrinkle here or there?  I do know some things about her. She…..

  • loves her three kids more than anything in the world and loves being a mom (but admit I would trade it some days or ask for a huge pay raise)
  • loves to make people laugh
  • is passionate about her creative side
  • enjoys a cocktail; a good beer and vodka cranberry (never together)
  • has great friends
  • values a good book
  • passionate about what she does
  • is a daughter, sister, aunt, granddaughter, etc. who absolutely loves her family and knows how lucky she is to be have an amazing family
  • is a Daddy's girl with a mom who is her best friend.
  • has OCD but is learning not let that run her life but isstill proud of her labels and matching hangers!
  • is slightly unbalanced (but who has that figured out anyway?)
  • is downright silly sometimes but always able to laugh at herself first.
  • is open (sometimes too open) and compassionate
  • used to care a lot about what people thought…not so much now and realize you cannot please them all.
  • believes everything happens for a reason. Finding out the reasons is the tough part but part of the journey.
  • trying to improve on setting boundaries (no more helium arm!)
  • loves being behind her camera but is embracing being in front of it too.
  • is not a fan of "roughing it".  Her roughing it days were in her 20's
  • loves to be alone but is a people person
  • a hater of feet!  Ask any of her friends how disturbing 7-Eleven feet are!
  • a music lover, art enthusiast, inspired by quotes and the power of words!
  • ever so artistic and instead of hiding it now admits it proudly!  So she walk to the beat of a different drum.
  • Mindful of the body that carries her through life.
  • enjoys a good Happy Hour
  • owns a Furball named Penny who opened her heart even more
  • is happy to be creating in her studio and loves the feeling of gluey sticky fingers
  • learns from her mistakes and moves forward
  • has a full heart
  • needs to turn on the TV and put on mindless shows just to slow her mind down
  • hates disorder
  • values the relationships she makes in life
  • is imperfect in some of the most perfect ways
  • has a hard time relaxing
  • believes that everyone who enters her life leaves an imprint on her soul and came into it for a reason(s)
  • has the same pillow she has had since she was a child (yes I am aware the dust bunnies are holding hands to hold it together).
  • loves daisies (they make her smile)
  • likes the feeling of hiking the local mountains (the feeling when she is done).
  • tries to wake up every day and feel grateful (some days take more effort than others).
  • values Faith and feels blessed.
  • loves to eat and realizes in order to do that has to workout hard! 
  • She…is a work in progress

Time to make a wish……….

So Year 41, what do you have to offer me?  So far you are off to a promising start. 



"It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are."  ~e.e. cummings