Dsc_0906One week later and we are still celebrating the twin’s birthday.  Today they had their birthday party at school.  They share their birthday with their teacher so we make sure to include her too.   I had this cake made especially for the three of them.  I wish I could take creative credit but I give all the credit to the cake decorator at Stator Brothers.  The kids always enjoy eating their "faces", "Shirts", etc.  I enjoyed hanging Dsc_0918out this afternoon with them and taking part in "Share Day".  They sure love their teacher and they will not be the only one who misses her when this year is over. 

On the home front our tile went into the kitchen and it sure looks nice.  The bathrooms are tomorrow along with measuring for our counter tops.  Do I dare say the end is within sight.  Naw…….I will wait to say that when the kitchen sink goes in and I don’t have to eat out.  I will need to re-read this when I complain about cooking dinner.  I thought I would never say I miss cooking dinner.