I usually feel very blessed and today I remembered why.  Dsc_0609 Despite the fact we don’t have a kitchen (which is pretty important on Thanksgiving) we had a wonderful meal and loved being together as a family.  We started the day by helping dad paint the shed…..if my dad is reading this he will be Dsc_0615happy to see we are finally painting it one whole year later….We ran shy on paint so it will need to be completed tomorrow.  Please ignore my fashionable wear.  I am wearing Pete’s clothes over my pajamas. I slept in and literally got out of bed to help out.  Dad had to be extra patient with his helpers.  Little JoJo manages to step into about every paint tray around.  I have little JoJo toes on my concrete floor in the kitchen from when he stepped on a lid last week. 

From there we all moved into the house where Pete and I did some Dsc_0600cleaning and we emptied a few more packed up things.  I got the small bathroom operable and unpacked so I could take  a bath.  Not sure if I mentioned but after a near emotional breakdown in the middle of Home Depot last week they replaced a defective marble sink (that we had already installed) with a granite one at the same cost.  That made me happy since we have gone through a lot with this cabinet.  Way to go Home Depot and way to go Micah (who I work with) who hung in with me until the job was done.  I already told him he could handle the kitchen plumbing since I have had enough of that stuff.

Dsc_0617Then I went and picked up our boxed Thanksgiving dinner.  This is SO not the way to do it but really it was perfect.   I am guessing that when the pilgrims and Indians met for the first Thanksgiving meal a box was not involved but there it is.  All the way down to the pumpkin pie we had a complete meal.  It took two hours to reheat and we all had to say it was good.  And we cleared off the dining room table, lit candles (due to no lighting), and it was perfect.  Tyler said Dsc_0640grace and we ate until we could eat no more.  It was nice being together and feeling so blessed for all we have.  I realized that these days have been strained but the core of everything is our family.  We are improving our home that we love so much and that we love being in together.  That makes it all worth it.  However, if you disconnect my water and electricity one more time I may not be agreeing with this.  I hope everyone felt as blessed as I did.