OK, not really but maybe someday.  Today we went to the post office and Passport applied for passports!  So on my Life List I wanted to possess a Passport.  The second half of that is actually using it but first things first.  I had picked up the applications months ago and figured I would never get to them.  Then I noticed in our local paper they were having an all-in-one Passport Session where you could get it done.  We even got them for the kids.  That may not have been necessary but you never know.  I just know that travel is in my future but that may just mean a trip to Canada or Mexico.  I will be whipping out that passport for sure!

Just one quick thing about my Life List….I have always been one to "have a plan".  I did not necessarily write it down but I knew the general direction of where I was headed.  Ever since I wrote down this infamous list I have found that many more doors have opened.  I was talking to a friend that said she had nothing to put on a list but I bet she does.  I was telling her that when I add something and tell people someone will jump in and say they would love to do that and the wheels of motion start turning.  I firmly believe that when you believe and commit to it there is nothing you cannot do…….that kayak adventure is in my future.Dsc_0352

So anyway, yesterday we spent the whole day (into the night) on the bay with the jet ski.  We did have a technical problem with the ski.  However, today we took it to my work and the mechanic took the rock out that was sucked up in the prop so problem solved.  It was kind of a bummer that we did not have the whole day on it but we all had a great time.  It was great to have us three girls Dsc_0436_4 back together.  After a variety of vacations and whatnot we are back together.  We stayed until the bitter end to see the fireworks at Sea World which was right across from us.  We sat by the bonfire and looked to the sky but nothing.  So we finally gave up, packed up and drive away at 9:45 pm.  Guess what was spotted out the back window……those darn fireworks!  Figures. 

And today I got the best nap in!  I am not the same person without a nap so after a few weeks off I had to make up for lost naps.  Oh it was a good one too.