Well, I wanted to do five projects for my deadline but did four. Dsc_7082 I am very happy with all of them!  I created this cute altered purse for Micky.   Too bad I had to mail it.  I will be creating a second one for her very soon since she got all excited when she saw it.  Then I created this beach layout. Dsc_7103_2 Woo hoo…they are all boxed up and ready to go.  phew!  In the nick of time.  One thing I am good at is planning ahead and meeting deadlines.  I usually pad them by a few days but this one literally has to be post-marked by tomorrow.  I have never missed a deadline and did not plan on missing this one. 

This got me thinking about how I work:  good multi-tasker, great under pressure, organized, punctual, and creative.  But one thing that deludes me is proof-reading.  I swear I can read something 10 times and I never catch what is wrong.  My mind totally reads what it wants to.  This explains why Pete handles Tyler’s homework now (there is a benefit to being a bad proofreader).  So this leads me to my disclaimer, if you see a misspelling, bad punctuation, or a mistake you probably know what I mean so give me credit for trying.  My mind works so much faster than my fingers.  And if you see something feel free to point it out.  My two life-long proof readers, Pete and Victoria better not ever leave me.  Nor are they allowed to ever charge me for services.  I would be broke!
P.S.  This disclaimer extends to my emails as well…spell check hates me.