We are going bold today! The beauty of using watercolor paint is that you can just be creative, let the colors blend, and you can create something truly beautiful. I am adding lots of bold, bright colors and then sketching out my flowers. I’ll show you how to create this art journal piece from start to finish. 

finished art journal page

Start by prepping your watercolor paints by spraying them down with water. Tape off the edges of your page with painter’s tape and spray your page with water as well.

Next, you will just take different watercolor paints and add your color! I am using yellow, orange, red, green, and blue, letting the water blend the colors as I go. Dry with a heat tool.

adding colors to art journal page

Next, I’m taking my Molotow Blackliner pens to doodle my flowers onto my page. Don’t worry about where things “should” go, just sketch them on. 

After adding my flowers, I would like my background to be darker, so I’m going to add some extra green watercolor paint to that space and some more blue in my lower right corner. Dry with a heat tool.

Adding detail lines

Then, I’m going to add some darker lines to my flowers. I am going to use a liner brush and some black acrylic paint, but you could also just use a thicker marker here. I’m also going to grab another pen and add some texture – detail lines, dots, and more. 

My art needs a pop of white. I am going to take some white acrylic paint and the end of a paintbrush to dip and add dots around my flowers. I’ll also add some outlines too. Dry with a heat tool.

Finally, I’ll take my black ink pad and my stencil brush and go around the edges of my page. Remove your painter’s tape and enjoy.

finished watercolor painting

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