Learn how to use rubbing alcohol to create a really pretty technique in your watercolor art! I’ll be painting a background with this technique and then drawing a daisy and some pen work. You’ll be able to create this original piece of art in under 30 minutes, and you only need some simple supplies to do it. 

daisy watercolor art tutorial

Use a piece of watercolor paper or a watercolor art journal. Tape off the edges of your page with painter’s tape. 

Gather your supplies – any kind of watercolor set, rubbing alcohol, and a fat paintbrush. Add water to your entire page, then start adding your watercolor. I’m using pink, orange, yellow, green, and blue. Use whatever you would like!

adding watercolor paint to page

Take a pipette with some rubbing alcohol and add drops to your page. Let dry or dry with a heat gun.

adding rubbing alcohol to watercolor background

I’m actually going to flip my page upside down now because I think the flower will look better that way. Take an ultra-fine black Sharpie and draw a daisy flower. I’m going to grab a thicker Sharpie and add some additional detail lines. Then, I’ll take a stencil brush and a black ink pad and apply the ink to my flower center. Finally, I’ll add some Prussian Blue Hue acrylic paint to the page edges with a stencil brush. 

Remove your painter’s tape and add some black pen detail lines around the whole edge.

finished watercolor art journal page

Watch the replay below!

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