I don’t know about you but I have moments where I feel Broken Open…whether you are an Artist or not there are moments in life when you overthink things, get caught up in the drama and cannot free yourself of things.  I happen to be one of those people who feel from deep within.  I used to try and turn that side of my off but in my 40’s I choose to just show it (means I smile bigger and feel more!).  It is not a negative but when you got through those “rough patches” in life you need to have a release.  That could be jogging, working out, reading, hot baths, a glass of wine, alone time…for me it is painting.

My creativity is linked to my emotions and sometimes it feels closed off and other times it just wants to jump off the page.  The last few days I have taken the evening time to just release.  These are from my Let It Go Journal…….




I am sharing a few photos of the process as I go along.  If you like a page and want to see me share it on Mixed Media Monday just let me know!



So in those moments find your thing to just Let It Go.  For me it is a great hike, some loud music, and my Studio.  This too shall pass and instead of ignoring how you feel…embrace it.  There is no use fighting it.  Life does have it share of obstacles but dang it is miraculous on the whole ♥

Letting it Go……


 “When you smile about the life you live, you end up living a life worth smiling about.”