Today was so cold.  Now I am from Michigan and I love the cold but man-alive it was cold.  Of course we had to be out in it and not inside sipping hot chocolate.  Tyler had baseball tryouts at 9:00 am so I stood out there with my layered spring coats and knit gloves (glad I thought to grab those) and watched him "warm up".  The poor guy had to play baseball.  It was so cold that Yes….IT SNOWED!  White flakes started falling out of the sky.  Did I have my camera?  Of course not, 10_1but my friend Janine had hers so she took a couple of pictures.  I will share when she sends them along.  I absolutely loved it and it was so pretty.  It did not snow at our house nor was it something that stuck around.  It makes me miss the Midwest.

Other than that today was a lazy day where I fit in a nice long nap.  I think everyone should make time for a nap.  Maybe I should write my Congressman to enact some sort of napping law.  Tyler had his first basketball game this evening and did great.  They lost by two baskets but he had hustle and did a great job. My life as I know it will be lost and dedicated to sports for the next 5 months.

Tonight Colleen came over for some girly creative time.  That is always fun.  I again had to tackle the FiberMark Challenges for this month and HAD to do a layout about me.  I hate these things but it really does challenge my creative spirit.  So here they are:Glamour_girl_4 Me_2

This string of layouts about myself is to meet Design Team assignments (I swear!).  I guess it is good though to have those pages for my kids.  When I am long gone they can fight over who gets mom’s album.  Tonight I am working on my last bit of work for them and am moving back to my mom’s album and my friend Julie’s baby gifts.  By the time I get to her son’s gifts he will be in collage.  There is clearly not enough time in the day.  Or maybe I should stop napping so much!