Another couple of sports seasons are behind us and this time it is Golf for Joey.  You hope as a parent that each kid will find their interest and try new things. I am happy to say that I have seen that in all my kids.  Happy to work with his dad in pursuing something new.  Having two kids in two different sports is hard to juggle and takes a village..he did it.  We did it.

The golf banquet was Friday and happy to go and take a deep breath after the season.  

Watching your kids try something new is one of the most amazing things. I know he hates I make a big deal of it.  It is a big deal.  Their freshman year is coming to an end so quickly.  I am not sure I am ready but so proud to watch them do their things!

When we are really young our expectations are few, but as we age our expectations tend to balloon with each passing year.  The key is to help your child understand that tempering unrealistic expectations of how something “should be” can greatly reduce unnecessary stress and frustration.  With a positive attitude and an open mind, we often find that life isn’t necessarily any easier or harder than we thought it was going to be; it’s just that “the easy” and “the hard” aren’t exactly the way we had anticipated, and don’t always occur when we expect them to.  This isn’t a bad thing – it makes life interesting, if we’re willing to see it that way.”