We could not possibly have more on our plate in the next week……last week of baseball and phew…so glad to see it come to a close.  Tyler made the All Star team so he is very proud of that.  Up until yesterday he was on an undefeated team.  But yesterday they suffered a hard loss.  Here is the slide show from a game or so ago……(Tyler is #7)

Joey is also finishing up his season.  No All Star game for this guy but he is just as happy as Mom to be done with the season LOL.  Picture from Open House…so proud of how he did in school.

Micky is prepping for her long-awaited gymnastics recital.  She cannot wait to be up on that stage flipping across it but I think the true highlight is the lipstick, mascara and blush she gets to wear.  
TWB_2678  TWB_2669

Last week of school too and we have a big 6th grader who is promoting to middle school.  How is that possible?  So lots of pictures to come but for now this boasting mom is enjoying the calm before the storm of craziness.  Than we are out for summer!