Could I possibly have more on my plate?  Lots of things to do before I leave on Monday for Memory Trends in Las Vegas.  I cannot wait but sometimes I wonder if it is worth all the work just to get away for a few days………heck yeah!  The kids have a lot going on next week which means I will be leaving a nice little spreadsheet for Pete.  He will love being the taxi cab for the week.  As for me I am so excited. 

I have been busy getting some more layouts done for FiberMark:Extreme_vacation My_valentine_my_love Together_3

Then I did this with with the Fall Stack from Diecuts With a View:

Note, I know it is the same picture from above.  I had to cheat that day to get something done quick.

I am busy in a good way with scrapping and photography.  I was hired again to do family portraits for a friend of mine and I will be doing those on Sunday.  Hopefully that will go well…big family and lots of kids.  Then a friend of mine hired me to do a wedding album.  I will need to jump on that right when I get back since she needs it November 1.  Nothing like a little pressure to be creative.  Hopefully Memory Trends will spark my creativity.  I plan on taking that time to rejuvenate myself since I will be on my own.  I have a few good books, will be meeting lots of people there and am working for a whole new company.  Kind of scary but hopefully fun.  This is a total dream come true for me.  I need to live it up in the moment.  Thankfully Pete is being so supportive as I know it is not easy taking over for me around here.  Poor JoJo keeps pointing out to me that I am only going for 1 day.  It will be a rude awakening for him when he comes home from preschool and I am not around. 

Today was a wasted day for me.  I go an early start at the gym and had it all planned out.  I was going to Kohl’s to get some new comfy tennis shoes.  Buying shoes with twins is nearly impossible.  Michaela alone wanted to try on every shoe.  Seeing her in heels was cute but I finally lost my top and just had to leave.  I also had some extreme leg pains happening (not what I needed).  Then it was off to Costco where my leg decided it did not want to be there so I trudged along with that heavy cart, two hungry kids who wanted to try every sample and a pained leg.  What a challenge that was.  I had to rush home to get something to dull the pain, a hot bath with Epsom salt and then we were out the door for band.  It is a real treat to tutor those beginning flute players but I was just not in the mood.  I pretty much came home to catch the end of the Padre game (they lost!) and take a little nap while the kids played.  Oh well, I will get up and start over tomorrow.