Tonight a guy came by after dinner and gave me information on high speed Internet in our area!  I almost cried.  There is a service available now and it looks like we can get it.  I am so excited and hope that this is what we have been looking for.  It has been so frustrating being .9 of a mile away from high speed Internet of any kind.  I am going to call them tomorrow and get the ball rolling. 

Today I went to the gym to find out I won (4) contests at their grand opening.  I did the push ups, dips, pull ups and sit ups contest and I won all four of them for the women!  I almost fell over.  Me and fitness competitions do not go together.  When we did the Presidential fitness tests in school I would Preschool_fashionmiraculously be sick.  If those kids could see me now!  I won lots of neat things include two free personal training sessions.  I know that the next two Friday’s my butt will be kicked.  Getting free stuff to start the day is mighty fine. 

No more progress on the kitchen.  Still waiting for cabinet bid and some paint bids.  I need to get this started so I know that something will be done.  It is beginning to frustrate me knowing how nice it could be.

I scrapped the photo that the twin’s preschool sent to me.  This is how dolled up Micky was at school.