I get the chance to do some fun things and share what I love.  My latest DecoArt  job had me heading to Los Angeles and I was looking forward to working with the host of the evening…..Mark Montano:


What a neat venue in Los Angeles…the California Craft & Folk Art Museum!!!!

DecoArt2This event was sponsored by DecoArt Social Artworking and what a great night it was…


It was awesome to go from table to table and assist those as they followed the detailed instructions especially this cutie patootie Emma (my new paint buddy)…

Decoart4one awesome part of my job is sharing art with kiddos and Emma was awesome and open to trying anything!

I met so many awesome peeps and enjoyed seeing their works of art!

DecoArt5I decided to join in and grab a canvas myself…..what can I say; creativity is contagious


Here is a SLIDESHOW recap of this wonderful night…

Thanks to all who shared the evening and thanks to DecoArt Social Artworking for painting that is easy and brings so many together and for having me as part of your great program!  Thank you too to Fabrizio, Holly, all those at the California Craft & Folk Art Museum.  I hope to make a return visit!

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