I have had that motto my whole life and today I threw it out the window.  Have you ever kicked yourself for not seizing a moment?  Well, today I did.  We went to the beach with friends (had a great time!) and one of the fellow mom’s invited her brother-in-law to join us.  He is a phenomenal photographer, Roy Toft.  Did I go over there and introduce myself or say I like his work?  Nope!  I just sat there.  He was even playing in the sand with Joey who got to know him better.  I figured he would not like some rookie coming up to him when he was relaxing.  But, if you look at his website one of the first things I saw was that he loves to share his passion!  What an idiot I am!  I should know.  Photographers are a different breed and do love to share what they do.  At least I do.  Oh well, I guess I will need to go see his gallery in person since it is so close.  I can always say I am "JoJo’s mom". 

Anyway, the sun was shinning, the temperature was perfect, the waves were high for boogie boarding and the kids had a blast.  Us moms loved relaxing so it was a great day.  I am still that Midwest girl who gets enamored when we go to the beach and it is in our own backyard.  I feel so fortunate to have this paradise so close.  I remember going to the ocean in Florida on spring break and just treasuring that time.  My kids take for granted that at least once a week they will be in the Pacific Ocean.  They just don’t know how lucky they are.  (Listen to me, I sound like a grandparent!).  But I still do not like all that sand. I hate it between my toes, in my suit and everywhere else.

anyway I close by saying CARPE DIEM!