Ok, so deep in the bowels of my soul (now that is deep) it has been a dream of mine to open up a magazine and see a picture of me in a swimsuit.  Nothing fancy, just me, my old-lady, flower skirted mommy suit and a large 11 X 17 magazine centerfold……….Ok, so none of that is true.  I do NOT own a skirted Mommy Suit (but Tyler may be wishing I did when I chaparone his class to the water park in my bikinni) and truthfully the thought of me half naked on an 11 X 17 piece of paper scares the life out of me.  But I did open the latest issue of Scrapbook & Beyond Magazine (ok, so it is not Playboy) and look who is featured in her bathing suit……


3 My Dive In altered mini album was featured on Page 80-81 of the Summer 2008 Issue of Scrapbooking & Beyond.  You know, it never occurred to me when I sent that in I was exposed, underwater and they would show that page.  But there I am in full cover with nose plugged and tresses of my hair frolicking about like Ariel the Mermaid. 

Well, I must go drown my sniffles in a cup of tea, some soup and some Theraflu (tastes nasty).  I woke up with a 20 lb bowling ball on my shoulders.  Feeling clouded and tired but that won’t keep me down.

Some exciting news……………I will be running a contest soon here so stay tuned for details.  I am meeting with my people (that would be me, myself and I) and we want to reward my faithful followers.  I am blessed to get emails and comments from so many so now I want to give back.  Details to follow (once I have that sit down meeting with my ‘Peeps’)