I cannot begin to re-cap all the fun we had in between the hard work but here is just some of the CHA happenings at Booth #1335!  First off…my name was among so many that I admire and at first I was intimidated!


I mean really…Andy Skinner.  More to come on this fella in a bit.  I could fill a whole blog post (hey, maybe I should!)


Mark Montano!  Seriously!  I had the great chance to sit down with Mark and relax, get to know him and even make him laugh.  He is funny, personable and we were in sync with our sarcastic humor (PHEW!).  He probably things I am a nut! (but I will take that).  I teach with him and the LollyJane Girls in April at Paint-a-Palooza so at least he has a heads up.



the Lolly Jane girls!


and Pla from DecoArt!Pla

Then I had the chance to just go for it and be me.  I taught a fun canvas panel make ‘n take with the DecoArt Media Line…..I had a great time!


I filled the seats each and every time and I think everyone enjoyed it…


Video from the booth HERE:

and yes I smiled this big all day…


It just felt so great to share my art, my style and the paints with so many!  And Elena with Charity Wings even stopped by to Interview…I will be at Charity Wings in San Marcos in April!


A special thank you to my friend Kim who stopped by to see if I needed anything.  She manned the camera and was my such a great help running around.  I am ever thankful!  She may be sorry she stopped by but she got videos and more I hope to share.  Thank you my friend.



I just have to say the whole experience was amazing and those who stopped by and those I got to hug………made the whole experience for me (I did not get tons of photos).  Sorry if I left anyone out!



So yes, my name was among so many I admire.  My creative path has led me here.  I am right where I am supposed to be.   I think the smiles say it all.  More to come from CHA!

Every situation in our lives has a lesson to teach us.  Some of these lessons include:  To become stronger.  To communicate more clearly.  To trust your instincts.  To express your love.  To forgive.  To know when to let go.  To try something new, learn something new, and never look back.”