I need to add one more post from Day 2. Our Helmar company dinner at Buca de Beppo. Mark and I were proud to gather this great group of girls together for our dinner. It was such a great time!!!!! It was time for us to let our hair down, relax and thank our team!

I have never heard more cackling in one room but once I looked around and noticed we cleared the room we had proof! Literally my face was hurting from the laughing. What a great group and we were honored Martha’s friend, Catherine joined us. She is now a friend indeed!

Just what we talked and laughed about I cannot divulge but I may never eat olives again the same. Just thinking about it makes me laugh. I do know that Martha and Shelly knows not to leave their phone behind when they use the ladies room.

Thank you to Martha, Erika, Shelly, Grace, Carisa, Jessica, and Catherine for joining us! Mark and I are thankful for your help and for who you are!

Of course I neglected to get a picture on my phone but snapped one of the pic they took. The second one is of those Helmar Hotties who I adore so much! I wish the whole team could of joined us but they were there in spirt.


Tracy aka “the Boss Lady”

CHA Company Dinner

CHA Company Dinner