I have been a bad blogger with good intentions.  Between CHA preparations, ER trip and doctors visits my cup runneth over.  One ER trip for Dad who took a tumble on his bike.  He is a-okay but has lots of road rash to remember this trip.  Seriously there is a blog post alone in this story! 

As for me, Mark and I are crazy busy getting ready for the biggest craft trade show of the year but unfortunately, I am also running one-finger down (and not the middle one peeps!).  I have had a problem with my right index finger and after many visits to doctors, specialists and physical therapists I have an answer and surgery in my near future.  But for today I look to next week and packing up the Helmar glue bus and heading to Anaheim.  Fortunately, between my parents and the kids we have a mini paper and glue sweat shop around here.  Everyone is pitching in!  I am lucky to have such a great support "staff".

In the meantime, I am happy to share my latest publication that features those Helmar adhesives. 

Paper_Creations2 copy

The latest issue of Paper Creations landed on my doorstep this week.  (I am now stock-piling those magazines for my recovery because I am not sure what I will do nimble-handed).

Paper_Creations1 copy

I am excited to get all packed up and take this show on the road next week.  You can bet I will be up- dating my Facebook every chance I get!  In the meantime keep your fingers crossed I don't lose my mind and I just want to say that since I cannot cross my own fingers.