How do I sum up the last 6 days at CHA Summer other than to say Woo Hoo!  It was a lot of fun.  After many a plane delay and getting comfy in the O’Hare Airport last night my plane finally left and I got home at nearly 3 am!  That was not pleasant but I survived.  I am paying for it today though.

First off, the Helmar booth was fantastic and I am not just saying it because I was part of it (ok, maybe).  We got some much needed attention from customers and media.  The Helmar team does a great job with make N take kits and really great project displays.  Thank you for the invite to "work" or better yet to share what I love doing so much! 
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So really the best way to recap is with lots of photos.  I think the highlight was the video with Beth Williams, Editor of Memory Makers Magazine (who mind you actually posted a comment on my little blog!).  Mark of Helmar Australia and I were videoed for a five minute video demo with Memory Makers Magazine.  I was sweating bullets but my portion was completed in couple takes.  For a while I just felt like a hand model.  I will share the outcome when it comes out in a couple of weeks.

Another highlight was the give-aways we did each day at three o’clock.  This was an idea I had to hype things up around the booth but my nightmare was that two people would show up when I drew names so I actually had to break out of my shell and pawn those cards off on people.  The crowds showed up and they hooted and hollered as they promised.

What can I say about the classes.  I just love teaching and enjoy getting to know everyone in that hour or so. Everyone has a story, is so creative and they love to laugh.  Thank you to all the ladies who brought freebies to me from the show.  Due to limited time I could not walk around myself and grab them but some really nice people grabbed stuff for me.  I came home with lots of business cards and new friends….. 

Last but not least, it was fun to walk around and see my work at various booths.  I worked so hard up to the moment I got on that plane and it paid off.  Buttons Galore & More’s booth looked great……..Thanks you ladies!  Scrappin Sports & More as always had an awesome booth and it was so fun to meet up with fellow design team members.  They are all so nice!  I wonder if I have to beg to stay with them! 

I do have to say one thing about Best Creations that I did not think about while making some of my layouts.  The layouts I did with my "Trash The Dress" photos were quite the talk.  They had them centralized on the outside of their booth where my legs were just there!  I actually had people come to the Helmar booth to see if that was me.  I guess next time when I work at 2 am I should look at the pictures and be aware of what crazy ones I use but those "Bride" layouts definitely stood out which I guess is good.  Best Creations had an awesome booth and boy did they look busy all the time! 

So what can I say about CHA Chicago in a nutshell fun, fun, fun.  I wish I had more time to walk the show but I was only able to skim through quickly.  As far as Chicago…I love the food, drink and feel of this great city and sharing it with fun, creative friends was the best!   I think I gained 10 lbs! 

Please, if you joined me in a class drop me a comment or an email!