Hello from beautiful Chicago.  The weather is perfect. The weatherman even compared it to San Diego LOL  I got a kick out of that.  The first day of Summer CHA is over.  It was overwhelming and fun.  I taught make ‘n take classes at the Helmar Booth all day and then walked the convention floor.  Our booth is a lot of fun. The new stuff is so crazy.  I wish I could attach photos however I did not bring my cord to get the pictures downloaded. 

First, I have to say the Scrappin Sports booth looks great and Andrea Deer’s new line is incredible.  She is also completely adorable.  Everyone was so nice there.  Their booth looks so cool.  Pictures to follow. 

We are right across from the Ranger Inks display where I have seen lots of Tim Holtz’s new stuff.  He is very innovative.  I kind of snicker when I see all the women piled around him oohing and ahhing.  It is quite the mob scene.  I was walking around and Becky Higgins was at the CK booth.  I decided to stop by.  Several girls walked up and asked me to take photos of them with her which I did.  They in turn asked if I wanted one with her.  I felt weird saying it was not necessary so I smiled wide.  I kind of think all those photos are a bit crazy.  People get very star-struck yet we are all in the same industry.  I did thought she was very nice.

I will try to take my camera round and get some pictures.  There is just so much stuff.  I got a look at the new Buttons Galore & More catalog and my layout is on the cover!  That is neat.

So far I have eaten a lot but did manage to get to the gym tonight at 10 pm.  I had to run off that Chicago pizza.  It was yummy but fattening. Tomorrow night we hope to really see Chicago and head to Michigan Avenue after the show. 

Did I mention my bed feels like I am sleeping in a cloud.  Very comfy!  Anyway back to San Diego on Sunday.  I miss the kids, Pete, my friends, and the beach.