CHA Winter 2012 is off!!! The booth is ready, the team is in place and here we go! I will share photos of the booth but I am posting from my iPhone and am limited to 5 pictures and want to talk about my workshop today.

I was a nervous ball of energy until that was done and don’t want to forget the day ever! From start to finish I was so grateful.

First off, all the prep I put into it paid off big time! Ever detail and tool I brought along was used. The amazing sponsors and what they supplied was awesome. I had wished I had more toolboxes but it was hard to gauge what 75 people looked like in one room. In fact, when we got to the room to setup I told Erika and Shelly to place toolboxes in the first 5/6 rows only so everyone would sit near the front. Erika looked at me and pointed out the whole room was sold out and every row would be occupied….gulp!!!

Second….the team! What can I say but every person from our design team was there and worked the room for me! Thank you Carisa, Carolyn, True, Cheryl, Grace and Martha…..oh man alive if I forgot anyone shoot me but posting from my iPhone!

A special shout out to Shelly for say “I’m on it” to anything and everything thrown her way. She was the media specialist and PR person for me. Thanks to her I have these photos on my phone to share. She was posting on Facebook and accepting those friend requests 🙂 Also nice that “Aunt Shelly” was texting the twins for mom while I was busy….she hated being the bad guy when Joey asked to go in the pool. It is January! Thanks Shell!!

To Erika another special thanks. From start to finish she executed, organized, understood my details and more importantly calmed me down. She literally made me go potty and stop, look, and listen! Nothing like a curly headed Canuck to get your attention. Like I said….she gets the details! Thank you!!!!

Once I did take that much needed potty break I stepped outside to a big line of anxious crafters. These were the people who pushed “send” to spend the next 2 hours with me. They will never know just how much that means to me. So to those who spent that time with me getting creative….THANK YOU to each and every one of you!

Once I clipped that microphone I admitted to all how nervous I was and I needed 10 minutes to calm down. Linda in the front said I did not even take that 10 minutes and settled in. I loved it! I could not be more happy sharing what I love and those 125 eyes became 75 people right quick!

We had a great time…well I did! And I hope everyone else did. We glued (lots of Helmar glue), we painted and we misted! Later someone asked me the difference between teaching to 75 vs 10-20. I said that with 10-20 I get to know everyone, know their names, find out about their kids and with 75 I wanted to make sure I could reach and create down to that last row. I was also tethered to the microphone which nearly killed me but I hope I was able to do that!

Once my kit was into their crafty little hands it was amazing where they took my concept. Some were recreated like mine but many were right out of the creative box! It was exactly as I had envisioned it to be and more! We talked tips and techniques and despite the fact I was missed my beloved charcoal pencil we made do! We ended the workshop with giveaways which is always fun! so again THANK YOU!!

When it was over I loved talking personally to those who came up for a photo and was humbled when they wanted to photo my work! Like I said to one person…..our paths all crossed for a reason and we get one another!

As we left I “had” to cart the boxes back to the hotel….what I needed was that time to put my iPod on, breath and take it in…ok I needed to drop a tear too but that is my darn sensitive 40’s kicking in! I just needed that time and glad I took it.

I was able to return to the booth and talk glue until 6. I appreciated all who came by to say they loved the class! Wow I had a lot to say!

We capped off that day with a champagne toast just as I hoped!

Last but not least if you took my workshop please do email your pages! I really do want to see and share! I hope I inspired you to “DO SOMETHING CREATIVE EVERY DAY!”


CHA Winter 2012! Workshop!

CHA Winter 2012! Workshop!

CHA Winter 2012! Workshop!

CHA Winter 2012! Workshop!

CHA Winter 2012! Workshop!