We are packing up the truck and heading to Anaheim this week and I am getting excited.  For those of my non-crafting friends, CHA is the Fashion Week or Super Bowl of the craft business.  It is where new products are released and all the artists/crafters gather for the largest trade show of the year.  I personally love it and no matter what I am feeling I walk into the convention hall and feel exhilarated.  These are my fellow creative souls that meet in one location. 

So I have been packing 400 kits to make and demo at the CHA Supershow (Friday and Saturday):


The Supershow is open to all consumers and is a great place to demo products and buy them right there.  I will be at the Stamping Details Booth #871.  You will recognize me.  I will be the one sweating and twitching when I have to get up in front of people for three hours. CLICK HERE FOR MY SCHEDULE.   How one goes from hating to be in front of people to demonstrating her favorite products in front of tons of people I will never know.  I know after the first two people it will fly by and I will love every moment it. 

Then it is on to the CHA Trade Show (Sunday-Wednesday).  This show is not open to consumers but is open to all retailers and CHA member where they showcase all the new products.  I will be at the Helmar Booth #2880 where I will be teaching mini classes throughout the day.  This is where I just get into my creative groove and love seeing old (not in age) and meet new friends.  I will make sure to post Facebook up-dates along the way. 

I have glued and cut more paper than my nimble fingers want to remember but it is all worth it. I have tons of new projects to share and will try to before I go.