So excited to share my DecoArt Workshop at CHA Mega Show last week.  It was sold out which went down to the wire and I was happy to have the overflow of people (Huge sigh of relief!) and it was a great group of people.  I was ready to get this DecoArt paint party started….

but not before introducing a special friend of mine………Bobble Head Andy


This was payback for this stunt Andy Skinner pulled at one of his workshops….


Bobble Head Andy was a huge hit!


So many awesome memories from this workshop.  Lots of smiles and aha moments of fun painting.  It was exactly what I love to share!
Workshop5I thank all of you for this time you spent with me….and for your takes on my project….


Scary moment #326 came from these ladies who sat in the back.  They came up with the most serious faces and I thought these were the ones I did not reach, they did not like it (ok there was a zillion thoughts….) and it was quite the opposite!  They moved me to tears….(literally)!

Workshop6There were just too many special moments to post.  Special thanks to those who helped with my workshop……Donna Bush, Andy Skinner and Rene Zarate!!!!  I leave you with the fun and the slide show from my mind. ♥

May we all cross creative paths again.  I was thankful for this time!

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