This is another one of my posts where I just don’t know where to begin.  I left on Sunday morning and from there it was a whirlwind of activity.  I wish I could post a list of the latest & greatest but this was more of a working weekend for me.  If you would like a great run down with pictures of the CHA releases click here.  Again Helmar was a great company to work with.  Everyone at the booth (Kay, Angeles, Mark, Mary & Kim) were nice as can be.  I had a great time filling in teaching the classes but spent most of my time on the floor making lots of new contacts.  We did have a wonderful time having dinner with everyone from FiberMark on Sunday night.  I particularly enjoyed showing Mary and Kim from Australia a few things about the U.S. and them teaching me about Australia.  They experienced a Mexican Restaurant on Monday night….and even tried Menudo.  Tuesday night I drove them all to Downtown Disney.  We all had a great time sharing in the differences between our countries. 

As for CHA it was so huge and there were so many people to talk with.  If I was not trying to meet up with magazine editors I was walking about shaking hands and meeting new Fsdtwreathforwebcontacts.  One highlight was going to the Fiber Scraps booth.  Patricia and Tom are such great people and I was more than anxious to see the new idea book.  Ok, I have to admit I was checking out my work in it.  They did a great job on it.  Plus they had a specal thank you display for their design Team.  I was excited to see the four new Tintz including a White Wash one!  See a few pics here.  I also got photo’s of Allison’s layout that took honorable mention in their contacts.  Way to go Alli!

You may be wondering where my typical pictures are……I went to take out my camera and can you believe I forgot a memory card!  What an idiot.   In my defense this was my old, portable camera that I do not use but still.  I was mad at myself but I borrowed Mark’s camera.  I hope to post those pictures soon. 

Wednesday I was surprised with a trip to the DecoArt booth where I was able to get lots of new goodies.  Gotta love that!  I have to say that the trade show was fun and tonsDsc_2791 of work.  There was not a night that I did not plop into bed exhausted.  After helping tear down the booth I headed back home on Wednesday afternnoon.  Everyone at the house was fine and Pete kept me posted on Tyler by emailing me daily photos.  I missed everyone and by they giant hugs I got when I came home they all missed me too.  Grandma, Grandpa and Dad all did a great job.  I was ever so thankful for their support and was delighted to be sleeping in my bed last night.  I came home with a renewed creative spirit and a few more job opportunities.  The future is looking busy.  Now back to reality and juggling everything.

My parents are looking to pack it up this weekend so our visit is nearing it’s end.  I am sad about that and cannot wait until we book the next visit.