With change comes lots of "schtuff" as I like to call it. Right now I have a lot of that and my plate is full. But a full plate is a good plate. I think of a good dinner and being appreciative of all that is on that plate. As many changes are taking place I am embracing new opportunities that are coming my way and today I said….a bottle of wine and diaper just may be in order. But what the heck, if you are not dropping in your drawers you are dead then. (Yes, if someone wants to quote me on that you can). I have lots of fun things to announce.

The first things might warrant that bottle of wine and diaper right quick!  I was asked to be in an Art Show!  Details to follow.  Out of my mind crazy to display let alone sell my work in public.  I like the comforts of my own studio.  But I remember the first trade show how scared I was to have my work displayed for my fellow crafters/artists to see it and those feelings are as fresh as ever.  And it is the weekend of my birthday so what do I have to lose!  (my nerve, dignity, and mind are already gone so going for it!)  So my new motto may be "A Canvas a Day keeps the Doctor away" as I will be painting my little heart out!

I want to keep this blog post brief as I know I am behind in posting (so many art journal pages to share) but I am shifting to my NEW computer so that takes some time to get all my photography editing tools on there.  Stay tuned!  I will be sharing TONS soon and with my "Canvas a Day…" motto

On a final note here…I want to say thank you to Andy Watson.  I received this bit of mail yesterday that warmed my heart and reminded me of what is important to me…..


"Dear Tracy, when I first started art journaling you had mentioned dragonflies.  I could not find stamps at Michael's but found a dragonfly sun catcher. I decided to make my own stamp from it.  I liked it so much I thought I'd make one for you.  Thank you so much for sharing not only your talent but your time with us.  Even though we've never met in person I value you as a friend. I pray for you and hope God blesses you big time!"  Hugs, Andy


I am blessed Andy!  Your note and craftywork reminded me of that!  I believe that God sends people into your life for a reason and he knows what he is doing! Thank you for your gift, your handiwork and more importantly for your words.  That dragonfly will be hitting a canvas/art journal SOON!

So with that said, TUNED for more LIVE shows on my Ustream Channel. Sharing my passion is what I love the most!  Have a great Thursday and come on Friday!  You are just around the corner and I can feel you sneaking in!


"Every moment has the potential to be amazing" ~Unknown