Checklist-3So I have been a bit absent of late and actually I am searching for my MoJo.  These are busy days for me.  Along with preparations for CHA, the family, and some additional part time work my cup runneth over.  In these busy times it is hard to be creative but I am digging deep.  It is CHA prep time.  My studio floor has turned into a trade show booth expedition of artwork.  I feel overwhelmed and blessed at the same time as this is what I love to do.  Next week I leave for the big show.  So if I am a bit scarce drop me an email.  I am getting lots of voice mails asking where I disappeared to.  I am here! 

As for the family happenings.  Everyone is enjoying the 80 plus weather!  While my parents home (Michigan) is being hit with the cold tundra we are BBQ'ing and dad is biking a lot. 

So something funny….and so Tracy!  My Dad and I went to test drive a Ford Flex.  That is my second dream car as that Mustang will always be #1 however that darn car does not offer 7 seats.  When will someone invent a 7 seater sports car for busy sporty moms like me?  Anyway we went there yesterday and as my dad was inspecting the engine technicalities I was standing in the back by the trunk/hatch thingie acting like a girl (what does this thing do?  how does this color look on me?  is there four wheels?  how many cup holders? etc.) I decided to pull these two rip chords on the rear seat.  And like a boomerang this seat deflected back and caught my index finger in between the two seats.  I calmly said "Dad"…………"Dad"………"DAD"!  He looks in the rearrview mirror and I wave him over with free hand in total agony.  He runs back and for the life of us we could not find out how to release the seat.  It was so funny as I did not want to show the sales guy my dumb girly act.  Finally my finger was released and it came out near flat.  It was so painful but I had to laugh.  Only I could get my finger trapped by a runaway seat.  As my friend told me today "Tracy, you will be famous for something and it just may be for the way you exit this earth".  I am the worlds clumsiest person!  Needless to say from that point forward I stood next to Dad and acted like I cared how many cylinders uh cylinder and that that the spark plugs spark.  Ok, who am I kidding……..I want cup holders, four wheels, and lots of seats.  And that new car smell is to die for!. 

So for now I return back to the checklist.  When I get back it is time to find that balance back in my life.  Things are a bit askew with my time but for now I relish in the creativity and takes things one at a time.