Well, I did my 5K yesterday in sunny Downtown San Diego, Balboa Park yesterday.  Pete, Dad and I ran a 5K and I am proud to say I did it.  I had to walk up a big hill but for the most part completed it all on my own in 31 minutes, 5 seconds.  I was not the quickest horse in the race but I finished it Dsc_2298_1 and therefore checked off one more item on my Life List.  I am not quite ready to add a 10k to the list but I can see me doing that in the future.  It was a fun little race and it was a gorgeous day.  I literally found myself looking up into the sun and thinking how many can do this in December. 

We then all went down to Coronado for some bowling on base.  The kids had a blast and we did too.  We found something that JoJo is good at!  He had more of a shot-put approach to bowling and it was hilarious.  He was quite serious.  I have to admit that I was very exhausted after that and decided to cut the day short and head home.   We had enough leftovers to eat and I needed a nap.  Being that I worked out at the gym, ran a 5k and bowled two games (horribly I might add) I was spent.  My bowling game is more of a comedy act. 

Today we have all gone our separate ways and are getting some things done.  Dad got our microwave hung up and it looks great.  We may even make that trip to Home Depot to get some more things.  Sheinspiresme

On the creative side……I got nothing done myself but did receive a nice layout from Allison yesterday of moi!  She entered the Fiber Scraps Contest and used a picture of me.  She worked behind my back with Pete (who emailed the photo)and made this beautiful layout.  Good luck Alli!  If I do say so myself the layout is wonderful and it sure made my day!

I also may have checked off one more item on my list.  Tyler and I had gotten MP3 players from Costco that I have Productpinkhad lots of issues with so I returned them both and got an iPod Nano.  I am learning how to load it right now and hope I like it.  It is pretty pink too.  I have not decided how to meet Tyler’s music needs but will get something for him soon.  This is kind of exciting for me.  I want to thank everyone for emailing me offer to help me check off items on my list.  Victoria I will take you up on the French braiding lessons and maybe that mini triathalon.  The thought of keeping up with you scares me but if it checks it off your list too that is a bonus.  Would love to shoot Arlington with you Jennifer!  And Pete even though you did not email me I will rely on you to ask me on that date in 2007.  I cannot get anyone else to help with that one nor would I want to!

Tomorrow we are staying close to home and relaxingR35674fp_1.  Dad is ready for a long ride down the  Pacific Coast Highway and I hope to scrapbook if the creative feeling arises.  We already got the sparkling cider and champagne for Memosas.  I hope everyone has a wonderful start to 2007!