From Friday Night lights, snowboarding trips and more these boys have been together…..the Chilly Boys…


Us Chilly Moms decided to come together for a graduation dinner and celebrate them and all their accomplishments…

Chilly4These boys have some crazy big personalities and we all had a great time coming together.  The laughing from both sides of the table was heard throughout the restaurant.  The highlight for us Moms were hugs from our boys…..

Chilly1 Chilly2To this wild and crazy bunch I thank you for a great evening of laughing and celebrating with our boys.


As they all move forward to Military, colleges and life know that the Chilly Boys live on and you always have a home base.  We love you!

And to you Moms………thanks for being there.  God knows raising teenagers is not easy and this groups somehow managed to keep it all together in the highs and lows.

Chilly5YEAH BABY! ♥