Okay, I decided to take the next few posts to walk down memory lane starting in 1972…..

Someone asked me the other day "What gift do you remember the most".  That gift was easy to remember and I got it when I was 2 years old.  Christmas 1972 and I got the greatest "Hi Dottie" talking doll with long hair. 


Oh how I loved that doll.  She had the best hair that you could comb and for years I had the doll that every one envied.

Hi_Dottie Here she is with her phone and outfit.  

Inchworm  Anyone have one of these…Inch Worm?  Another fun one from the 70's.

Of course that year there were other gifts but Dottie was the best….

Xmas74_17 Xmas74_18

I love that look on my grandma's face.  Her laugh is something I cherish to this day.

Xmas74_15 Xmas74_20 
Can you tell those two are sisters?  

I still have Dottie and have passed her to Michaela.  Her hair is still flowing but unfortunately she does not poop, pee and cry like the dolls of today.  But it is still all about the hair.  Best gift ever.