Today we decorated Christmas cookies with our friends. This is the third year in a row we have done this.  Let me tell you this woman is serious about her Christmas cookies.  Janine has a drawer full of cookie cutters!  How are we best friends?  LOL.  Her favorite song happens to be "Christmas Cookies" by George Strait (a.k.a. her boyfriend) and let me tell you she takes this job seriously.  I do have to say she does make the best sugar cookie.  

I pretty much just show up just to make jokes and take pictures.  I like to "color outside the lines" and my fun with flour and gingerbread people makes her eyes roll every time.  My kids have such a great time as this is one thing they will never catch me doing.  The mess alone takes my OCD through the roof and I still find myself at her house running around cleaning up.  I love the surprised look in Joey's face when Janine just tosses the flour about.  Oh my deprived kids LOL. 

So how are Janine and I friends?  We make one another laugh and she is my Martha Stewart counterpart.  The only thing missing today was our third partner in crime today, Victoria.  I did not have anyone to make fun of Janine and her Martha Stewart ways.  We missed you Victoria!  I did manage to entertain myself with the flour and my gingerbread people will turn heads. 

So grab a nice hot cup of tea and enjoy Janine the cookie diva. 

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Thank you Janine for giving this holiday tradition to my kids.  We all had a great time!

Oh and look at the fab slippers she found for me with skulls on them.  She thought of me immediately!

So we can check off gingerbread houses and cookies.  Phew……………are these holidays almost over?  I am beat!