I want to introduce you to the Queen of Christmas Cookies.  This girl loves this Christmas ritual.  She makes the cookie dough from scratch, has every sprinkle known to man and her favorite song is even Christmas Cookies by her "boyfriend" George Strait.  And she has an entire drawer dedicated to cookie cutters!  Boy, I am really calling her out.


Now this works out well for someone like me (again mentioning the undiagnosed OCD) as the many facets of making cookies does not blend well with my DNA.  There is random spackling of flour, sticky icing that ends up everywhere, storing those various sprinkles and if every bottle does not match we know that is not going to happen.  Just the thought of it makes my heart pitter patter.  Did I mention this involves 6 kids too?  Then of course no one would trust me to bake a cookie without burning them.  For some reason kids are very picky about icing over burnt parts.  She allows me to just fool around and try to irritate her..


So I "let" Janine take over this task (I know I am a great friend, huh?) and trust me she takes this all very seriously (I enjoy getting under her skin in the process).  The temperature of the dough has to be just right, monitors the placement of the cookie cutters, instructs the kids which cutters has to be dipped in flour, and you should see her dictate, I mean supervise during the decorating process.  Don't mess with the Queen.

Before this Queen of Cookies there was no decorating Christmas cookies for my kiddos.  Thank you Janine.  I bow down to your ability to overlook the mess to make all those kids smile. 

Don't tell the Queen but I smile too………………as I drive away leaving her with all that flour and sticky mess.