Christmas Day started bright and early at 5 am due to the wake up of Joey.  He was armed and ready to unwrap some presents.  The twins are 10 and holding strong in their belief Santa and I will do anything to keep that.  As always Santa left footprints on the paper that we set out (so Santa does not get ashes from the fire place on the floor otherwise mommy will get mad). 

TWB_4308aTWB_4313aTWB_4318aSanta also ate the cookies and gave the reindeer the carrots. We loved reading his reply to their letters….

With some coaxing Joey let us start the unwrapping at 6:00 am ……


Seriously I was still sleeping I think!

Grandma loved her picture Micky painted and Grandpa loved his new mug she bought him at the holiday boutique….

Santa did not overlook Penny!

Joey bought Grandma and Mom new rings!


Santa left some XBox games for the boys!

Along with lots of things like a down comforter for Joey, books, clothes, a watch for Micky the big gift was iPod Touch's for them all!

Santa must hold stock in Apple!  I bet Steve Jobs is smiling from above!

The best gift of all was from Tyler to Papa……and it was a surprise for Tyler!  When Grandpa got here Tyler had a box of Whitman's Chocolates and was not sharing.  So Tyler found a rather large box under the tree marked "To: Grandpa, From Tyler"….the look on his face was priceless!  It was even better when Grandpa unwrapped this giant box……..


2 lbs of chocolate!

What an absolutely amazing morning!  Then the questions started coming in from the twins:  "Mom, why do the ashes from Santa's footprints smell like baby powder"….."Hey Mom, Santa wears Sketchers!"……..oops!  Santa was a little tired that night LOL!  I had to duck away from those questions quick.  We all need to believe.  What a magical Christmas it was.  We all got the gifts we wanted and even some we never could imagine.  It is all about Jesus's Birthday and the belief…not just about those items found under the tree


He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree." ~Roy L. Smith