After church we had friends drop by for some cheer and delivering presents to the kiddos.  Victoria and her boys stopped by first.  She made a great tester for my pomegranate martinis. 


It took a couple of tries but with willing testers we found a good formula that suited us.  I love good friends who sacrifice themselves for you.


Then came our friends who came bearing gifts.  Micky got Build-A-Bear bears that you make yourself, Joey got walkie talkies and Tyler got a clock that runs off a lemon (scientific thing) and I got the nicest gift of all….Marc Jacobs Lola perfume gift set.  Oh yum does that smell nice.  Thank you Ken, Pam, Christopher, and Danielle. We all love our gifts and enjoyed the visit. 

Xmas_Eve copy 

so after all that fun and cheer Santa still had to kick it into gear.  I now know why Santa sticks to the cookies and milk.